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All I want for RANSOM WARE?

December 7th, 2017 by admin

We have seen the ads and heard the buzz about the hot demand for Amazon Echo and the Google home mini. These artificial intelligence units offer so much including lighting, thermostat control, fans, home security systems, cameras, etc. etc.

Who would not enjoy having one at home and conveniently part of your wireless home network?

While these items are amazing and make your home high tech, it is important to remember they can make you vulnerable and open your home to outside hackers.

Security precautions should be taken just like you would with a PC or a laptop computer. Here is an effective checklist you should implement.

  • Make sure you change the default passwords and use multifactor updated authentication if available. This makes sure you have the most up to date security settings possible.
  • Change passwords often and do not give out your password to friends or guests visiting.

A ransom ware nightmare story at it's worse was recently demonstrated by two professionals at a hacking conference. In their demonstration, they took over control of a home thermostat and then locked it with a demand for payment. In this example, they could raise the temperature extremely high or drop it down below freezing and potentially resulting in burst water pipes. Either scenario would not be pretty.

So as we head into the great holiday season, please remember to take a few minutes to secure your system. Business owners are encouraged to contact UTEC for support and assistance in insuring your firewalls and security are at the highest level.

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