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UTEC IT Support for 2018 and Beyond

January 31st, 2018 by admin

Director of Technology, Mark Funchion. "When I first started in IT support, it was 100% hardware based with physical servers and equipment located on the premises of the company or school system." states Funchion. "In that time period, the IT person on staff would physically back up the data to a external drive or a CD and take it off premise to a locked safe environment. The second backup was totally human dependent to insure that the data could be accessed in the event of the original server failing."

"Today" Funchion shares, "we have virtualized the process and reliability through the resources of the cloud." Using a third party vendor "Datto", the UTEC support team offers clients the best of both worlds. Describing it as a "hybrid" approach, the UTEC team will back up locally and in the cloud in an automated real time fashion for the clients. All data is replicated automatically with no need to worry about physically performing this task.

On a simpler scale this approach is so similar to taking a photo with your IPhone, which is then backed up immediately on the Apple I Cloud service and can now be accessed from your phone, I Pad, Mac laptop and so much more.

While the focus was on hardware many years ago, today clients need to be fluid in firewalls, anti-virus challenges and the strong need to have best practice industry standards to stay ahead of IT management.

It is with this in mind that the 14-member locally based UTEC IT support team really shines. There are so many areas that a company needs to have specialists available. That could be a data base management specialist, network administrator and back up specialists. The UTEC IT team offers all of this support in both onsite and off site staff.

"We need to learn the pain points" states Funchion. "What is important for the client and what are the best practices we can offer to help them become more efficient."

One area that UTEC specializes in is having support staff working full time at local school systems. "So much more education is cloud based" states Funchion. "It is our responsibility to deliver technology and to complement the education process that the teachers are providing." UTEC employees working in the school system often wear school logo apparel as well as school colors to enable them to fit in as part of the team.

At the UTEC offices on Highland Drive in Ann Arbor, the team is on hand to answer and deliver phone support to clients. A significant UTEC advantage is the fact that these locally based team members can be dispatched to the clients offices if a onsite visit is required.

When the UTEC team signs up a new client an extensive on boarding process takes place. Through discussions and meetings, the UTEC team identifies the client’s needs and which areas of expertise UTEC can offer to improve workflow. "We need to learn the pain points" states Funchion. "What is important for the client and what are the best practices we can offer to help them become more efficient." There is no "cookie cutter" approach in offering UTEC IT support.

Company President Kevin Van Kannel sums it up by saying, "we are not for everybody and everybody is not for us. We want to be a trusted advisor and an active partner for all of our clients."

Dan Heimler, UTEC Director of Sales would welcome your inquiry on how the UTEC IT support team can improve your productivity. You can email him at or call him at 734-434-5900.

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