Document Management Systems: The Ultimate Office Organization Solution

June 22nd, 2016 by admin

It's hard enough keeping yourself organized, much less your whole team. There are calendars to sync, status reports to update, and the never-ending expenses to submit to accounting. If your office is like most, the chaos reaches its peak with piles of paperwork and computer files that no one can find. When the disorganization begins to interfere with workflow, it costs time and money. A document management system is the answer.

What is a document management system?

Think of a document management system as an electronic filing cabinet. It provides a framework that organizes all your digital AND paper files. All the information that flows through your business on a daily basis is captured, stored, secured and accessed through a central system.

A recent study reported by Association for Information and Image Management (AIIM) found that 40% of organizations saw an ROI from their capture solution in less than a year. Saving time and money go hand-in-hand with improved processes, all of which can be addressed through document management software.

How will a document management system help me?

1. People

Quick and easy access to files is essential for collaboration across teams and offices, but so is maintaining security standards. With simple file sharing, you can secure files at various levels, determining who has access and editing capabilities. Your team's ability to reach files any time and anywhere will create unprecedented synergy and efficiency.

2. Processes

Document management software provides standardized file naming conventions that work with both electronic files and scanned documents, increasing productivity. Employees won't waste time searching for documents. The routing, editing, notification and approval of files are expedited with immediate access across teams. These repetitive business processes are streamlined when files are easier to organize, locate and retrieve.

3. Paper

Document management systems are about more than going paperless, but that is a big component. Paper consumption is reduced when all files are scanned and centralized. A system like Freedom Imaging Systems RICAR allows you to store both scanned and electronic documents in all the widely used formats (PDF, JPG, Word, Excel, etc.). Less paperwork means less filing cabinets and more office space. Document management software can even become a bit of an insurance policy, backing up your system so that important documents are never lost to fire or natural disaster.

How do I implement a document management system?

Once your needs have been identified, your office technology partner can help implement the best system for you. It might make sense to start with just one department within your office to determine best practices. A strong foundation can be established, with elements added or removed as the program rolls out to the whole company. Working with an expert provider will ensure a smooth transition to this improved process.

Organize the chaos within your SE Michigan business by implementing document management software. Email or call Dan Heimler, Sales Director at University Office Technologies, at (734) 434-5900.

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