Employee Wellness-Get 2020 Off to a Good Start!

January 2nd, 2020 by admin

A new year and a new decade are here and with that comes time for both reflection and anticipation. Nearly everyone establishes new year's resolutions for themselves, in a variety of disciplines, with the most popular being health and wellness. Many businesses, both large and small, see the benefit of their employee's well-being and often have corporate programs set in place. To get 2020 off to an impressive start, here are some suggestions to promote a healthy lifestyle at your place of business.

Based on the size of your business, a good place to start might be a department-wide or company-wide "Weight loss Challenge". Pulling something like this together requires good planning, communication, ongoing awareness and so much more.

SnackNation recently published a blog post, which offers excellent insights into having a successful campaign.

Another recommendation would be a "Walking for Wellness" plan which is far easier to implement, while still offering countless benefits to the employee and company. The AmeriHealth website offers full details including promotional flyers, registration forms and lots of information for the employee participants. This 12-week program concludes with success certificates and evaluation forms to enhance follow up programs.

The next suggestion is ideal for the hot summer months, and that would be a "Water Intake Challenge". Replacing soda soft drinks with water eliminates sugars and calories and offers countless health benefits including:

  • More energy
  • Better digestion
  • Healthy kidneys
  • Healthier teeth
  • Healthy heart
  • And so much more!

The TotalWellness website offers full informational details on implementing this challenge.

Perhaps you would like to move in a different direction and offer stress-reducing options for your employees. Consider the benefits of yoga and meditation at work. If you are sensing work related stresses are affecting your employees, yoga and meditation may be your answer. Offering yoga and meditation could also be an excellent recruitment tool in your hiring efforts. This blog post from Entrepreneur magazine offers great insights.

Lastly, the final suggestion may be the toughest, but offers substantial benefits to both the employee and employer and that is a smoke cessation program. The American Lung Association reports that 480,000 Americans lose their lives annually due to lung cancer. Smoking related illnesses cost $175 billion in medical care and a staggering $156 billion in lost work productivity. For full details on the American Lung Association work cessation program, please click here.

Taking on the challenges of diet, health and nutrition will be more successful when individuals support each other in their efforts. Healthy employees will more likely be happy employees and will be reflected in the office and with customer clients.

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Best wishes for a wonderful and productive 2020!

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