How We Can Help Your Business Transition In or Out of the Office

January 5th, 2021 by admin

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COVID has businesses everywhere changing how they operate, forcing them to transition to a different method of working. For some, that means converting everything to remote working; for others, it's about maintaining a healthy and safe work environment after opening up again. These drastically conflicting requirements can make it difficult for companies to find the right technology partner to fit their changing needs. As most partners will only support you transiting one way or the other. However, unlike many technology companies, UTEC can support your business regardless of how it needs to adapt. We offer everything a business would need to establish a remote workforce or make a safer office environment.

Remote Working Offerings

  • Unified Communications
    Every remote workforce requires a way to communicate effectively, and we provide one of the best communications solutions thanks to our partnership with Zultys. With Zultys Cloud, you receive access to fantastic options for collaboration for your remote workers. On top of that, you also provide them with a phone system that enables them to answer calls while working from home.
  • Document Management
    Our management software provides everything a remote workforce needs for storing and retrieving all types of documents in their native formats. Allowing for the sharing of physical paperwork (through scanning) and digital records freely and efficiently to improve your remote workflow. It even comes with security and disaster recovery offerings to ensure your documents stay safe and secure no matter what may happen.

Office Offerings

  • Thermal Imaging Kiosks
    We offer GoSafe thermal imaging kiosks to help keep your office secure with temperate, mask presence, and facial recognition technology. With options ranging from hand-held scanners to vertical stands, OneScreen GoSafe can prevent people with elevated temperatures or no mask from entering your offices. Helping you maintain a safe and healthy work environment for your employees.

Universal Offering

  • Cyber Security
    Whether you are in the office working a safe distance apart of collaborating miles apart while working from home, you need cybersecurity. Hackers everywhere are taking advantage of the chaos the pandemic has created, and no remote workforce or office network is safe. Meaning you need the kind of security solutions we offer, regardless of how your business is working due to COVID. Our offerings cover everything from Remote Helpdesk / On-Site Support to Disaster Recovery to ensure your data stays safe no matter how you are managing your operations.

Regardless of how your business responds to handling the ongoing pandemic, UTEC can provide the technology you need. Whether you're transitioning from the office to remote or vice-versa, contact us today and get the support and solutions that keep your business operating smoothly and securely.

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