Interactive Digital Displays Are Revolutionizing Today’s Businesses!

March 23rd, 2016 by admin

Drive through any urban center in Southeast Michigan and it’s impossible to miss the resurgence across the area. From Detroit’s new hockey arena to the constant renovations on university campuses, there is new construction everywhere. Maintaining your timeline and budget is critical to this re-growth and often achieved through the creative use of innovative business tools.

Not long ago, similar growth was taking place in a southwestern U.S. city, and one specific project – a new multipurpose arena – has become the crowning example for inventive use of new digital display technology.

With such a large project, coordinating construction contractors is generally difficult. The steel company wanted to streamline the typical construction process to increase return on investment. Their business technology partner found the best solution for instantly communicating project changes to everyone involved – an interactive digital display.

What Is an Interactive Digital Display?

Imagine your whiteboard combined with a computer tablet on a large TV screen and you have an idea of what it is. This two-minute demonstration is perhaps the best way to fully grasp its capabilities and functionality. This video features the Sharp AQUOS BOARD, the same model used for the arena project described above. Sharp AQUOS Board two-minute video.

The AQUOS BOARD is considered part of a new generation of "open architecture" interactive white board offerings. That means you have complete customization in its configuration. Use new software applications, share files across networks, and present new ideas to your audience all within your existing IT parameters.

Why Would I Need an Interactive Digital Display?

  • Project collaboration has never been easier. Key players in any project or meeting can offer input and notes directly. Every business and classroom has seen the shift toward BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), where there is a wide range of devices in use by everyone involved. The best systems, such as the open platform of the AQUOS BOARD, allow people to share data, graphics or notes in real time using their own devices. With the simple download of an app, everyone can participate.
  • During the arena project, the AQUOS BOARD was equipped with a rolling stand and brought to various areas of the construction site. This allowed every contractor, engineer and architect to incorporate changes or add input instantly. Everyone was able to stay one step ahead, saving time and money.
  • Digital display technology has achieved seamless functionality, which means your message is conveyed with greater impact. Digital displays are networked into your IT system, eliminating projector issues or cumbersome cable connections. Additionally, the interactive touch screen is easy to use and displays on a large, high definition monitor. Ideas and information shared in real-time are delivered with more impact and greater efficiency.
  • Field superintendents on the arena project found the AQUOS BOARD touch screen technology very intuitive to use. They quickly learned how to gain access to changing project information, view specific details of construction, and share feedback. This reliable ease of use ultimately meant increased efficiency.

How to evaluate if an interactive digital display is right for your business?

The best resource will be your office technology partner. A specialist will provide a hands-on demonstration and consultation regarding your specific needs. Most providers offer either purchase or lease options, along with training sessions for your team.

The steel contractor on the arena construction realized incredible efficiencies in coordination and production specifically tied to the AQUOS BOARD. At this point, the company plans to make AQUOS BOARD use an essential part of all their future construction projects.

To sustain the growing economy of Southeast Michigan, every technological advantage should be explored in the way this arena project demonstrates. If you’re looking for ways to enhance project collaboration or gain greater efficiencies in disseminating information, investing in digital display technology is worth investigating.

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