Learn How to Unlock Nearly a Third of Your Operating Budget via Managed Print Services (MPS)

July 18th, 2016 by admin

Hearing the term Managed Print Services likely evokes thoughts of IT tech talk or enthusiastic environmentalists. While MPS is a socially conscious choice for our environment, it is also the hidden key to unlocking significant savings within your budget.

A recent study by Aberdeen Group shows that MPS can save an organization as much as 30% of its operating budget. The best part is that this return on investment can be achieved very quickly once a MPS system is in place. The most savings will be seen in two key areas of your business – overhead and material costs.

Overhead Costs

Perhaps the overriding benefit of managed print services is improved process management. Your MPS provider will begin service with a full assessment of your print fleet, working to optimize all your resources on a continuous basis. A more formalized paper flow naturally increases efficiencies across many functions.

Staff productivity, especially in your IT department, will drastically improve. Streamlining your print fleet means there are less printers for your IT department to service. Your MPS partner can provide continuous monitoring of printer functionality and supplies. Proactive management of your print fleet allows you to consolidate costs and gain predictability in your budget.

Some industry estimates attribute more than 50% of help desk calls to printer problems. Should you require assistance for any reason after implementing MPS, you have access to an on-demand help desk. If necessary, an immediate service call will be made by an expert who is familiar with your print fleet.

Material Costs

Shifting to a MPS system optimizes all hard costs surrounding your print fleet.  Consolidating and optimizing printers and copiers will result in less wasted paper and fewer supplies. More efficient machines require less toner and associated replacement parts. There will likely be less actual printed copies, as well. When departmental printers are consolidated, people are less likely to print every email or rough draft.

Printer reports are part of the services your MPS partner can provide. Details about what and how often your employees are printing are analyzed. This information can be used to adjust employee habits or office policies.

Actual ROI

Implementing a managed print service system will begin with an assessment of your current print fleet and material consumption. Using this data, your MPS provider can provide an actual calculation predicting the level of savings you can expect. For example:

Toner Cartridge Cost ÷ Page Yield = Cost per Printout

Understanding current and estimated costs per copy are just some of the data points that your MPS partner will analyze to determine the best system for your business. Over the life of any office printer, the maintenance and operational costs will exceed the initial investment. Choosing the right MPS through the right service partner will ensure your maximum return on that initial investment.

For a short one minute forty second video on Managed Print Services click here.

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