“Local” Means “Local” for Responsive Hardware Support.

December 19th, 2016 by admin

"Local" means "local" for responsive hardware support.

Tom Wykowski, Service Manager at UTEC has practiced the motto of: "Personal help from professional people". It has been a motto that he and his service team live and practice as they assist the UTEC (University Office Technologies) customer base.

The heart of this very high-level customer service is the relationship that UTEC team members have built with clients. This relationship is built upon UTEC having local techs on staff and in the field, local parts inventory, warehousing and strong support for local community needs.

UTEC can respond to a down machine and have it handled within two to four hours of receiving that call. This is accomplished by warehousing over $200,000 in parts and having techs in the field with up to $9,000 of OEM Sharp Product repair parts with them helping expedite repairs efficiently and quickly. As Wykowski explains: "Sharp is the first to come to market with a full product line where all models use the same toners, developers, drums and parts for all models. Now clients do not have to stock many different toners on their shelves."

Service Manager Wykowski has had a very long relationship with Metro Detroit based Realtor Real Estate One. This company, which was founded in 1930 has multiple offices across Southeast Michigan. UTEC supplies Sharp multi-functional devices (MFD) to their many locations. Jeff Keoleian, Vice President for Financial Planning at REO states: "we have done a lot of business with UTEC. The team of Joe Green on sales and Tom Wykowski in service are very good in following up on items and taking care of them." Keoleian goes on to state: "they do a good job of understanding our culture and understanding our business of title work, mortgage and insurance business."

Sharp audits its dealers across The United States with very stringent benchmarks and awards those meeting or exceeding them with the Sharp Platinum Level Service Provider Award. Only the top 3% of dealers achieve this award and UTEC is one of them.

"When a customer has a down system" explains Wykowski, "they are losing staff productivity. Time wasted having to go to another department or another part of the building to copy documents is expensive. UTEC handles these issues quickly and efficiently so the client can get back to being productive." This is in contrast to other competitor copier machine companies that provide service with an out of state call center and having to ship in parts which delays the time to get that down machine running again.

A new customer for UTEC is The City of Plymouth. UTEC won their business two years ago and now supply MFP’s to all four City of Plymouth offices. Tom Alexandris, IT/HR Manager, states that "UTEC has been receptive and responsive to all of our needs. Service has been very good with them!"

Team UTEC is ready to help companies and organizations with their office copy, file storage and IT needs. For "personal help from professional people" email Dan Heimler Sales Director at UTEC, or call at (734) 434-5900.

"They do a good job of understanding our culture and understanding our business"--Jeff Keoleian Real Estate One.

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