Online Holiday Shopping Tips

November 21st, 2019 by admin

As more and more shoppers turn to their phone, their tablet or their laptop to shop online, we would like to offer some important online shopping tips to insure your privacy and your data security.

  • When online shopping away from home or work, do not use a public network. Coffee shops, restaurants, areas offering "free Wi-Fi" often have unprotected, open networks that can easily be hacked. An intruder can actually see you type in your login info, including your password and take over your account. If you must shop away from home or work, turn off wireless on your phone and use your cell phone data. This option will give you a more secure and safe online environment
  • Using a credit card in lieu of a debit card is not only more secure, you have the added benefit of disputing a charge in the event the merchandise purchased is defective or isn't what you were expecting. Some charge cards offer protection in the event the item purchased breaks.
  • When shopping online—look for the "https" in front of the website URL. This is informing you that the site is secure and entering charge card information will be encrypted and safe.
  • Updating your computer anti-virus program makes sense any time of the year, but especially heading into the holiday season when you plan on shopping online.
  • Along the same lines, it is important to change and update passwords often throughout the year. Changing your password more often in the holiday shopping season is a great proactive effort in keeping your accounts safe.
  • This is also the season of heightened email scams. Be on the lookout for emails allegedly from banks or with subject lines of "Free Amazon Gift Card", "Macy's shopping card", etc. The scammer wants you to click on a link, which immediately infects and compromises your computer and enables the hacker to access your login and password information. It is the old saying "If it looks like it is too good to be true—it probably isn't.
  • Lastly, when done shopping make sure you log off the site and your browser. Failing to do so, enables a hacker to still penetrate the information on the site such as charge card information. It's a good habit to close everything down when you have finished your shopping.

Happy holidays from your friends at UTEC!

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