Protect Your Privacy Tips While on Vacation!

April 21st, 2019 by admin

The UTEC IT team offers insights into protecting your privacy while on vacation.

So your bags are packed and you and your family are ready to embark on the long-awaited summer vacation. And then you catch the national news story on the "hidden cameras" found in bedrooms, bathrooms or living rooms at an Airbnb!

It's too late to cancel or find other lodging accommodations so to help ease your mind, the UTEC IT team would like to share their insights and expertise on what to expect and do if you encounter this dilemma on vacation.

Unfortunately, in today's world, we need to take steps to make sure we can enjoy our privacy and make sure it’s not being shared with others. More and more news articles are revealing hidden microphones and cameras. So here are a few easy ways to spot one in your room.

You should begin by taking a few moments to scan your room environment carefully to detect any hidden cameras.  Common hiding spots include smoke detectors, air filter equipment, books, wall decorations, electrical outlets, plants, tissue boxes, stuffed animals, cushions, table tops, shelves, and lamps.

Next, you want to look for night vision cameras. You begin by turning off all the lights and drawing the curtains. You want to take a close look to see if there are any red or green lights.

Once that is completed, we recommend you take your mobile phone and make a phone call as you walk around the room. This can help detect hidden surveillance cameras since they usually emit a radio frequency that would interfere with your call. Should the interference occur, stop and closely inspect those locations.

You can also use your mobile phone to download a variety of apps that can help detect hidden cameras and more. This great article from Easy Tech Trick shares details on 12 different apps you can download.

Lastly, using a traditional flashlight or the light from your phone, turn off all the lights and pull the curtains. You can then slowly pan around the room and if you notice any reflective lights from an object, there might be a camera.

The UTEC IT team wants you to enjoy your vacation and to know that we can assist and support your business IT support.

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