Six Questions to Ask When Choosing a Multi-Functional Printer MFP

May 9th, 2016 by admin

Every dollar counts.

We all want to make the most of our money. At home. At work. Even in our communities. That's the exact mentality that led office managers for the City of Royal Oak in Southeast Michigan to re-think their office workflow, and in particular, printing usage.

Royal Oak Manager of Information and Communication Technology Mike Kirby writes, "Over the past several years, print costs in the city have significantly increased. [This is] the result of higher volumes of color documents being printed, the cost of maintenance and repair of old printers, and the inability to monitor and restrict printing to higher cost devices based on volumes."

Mr. Kirby has identified a perfect example of how everyday office costs can inflate over time. If your business is facing similar challenges, upgrading to a multi-functional printer (MFP) is a great way to start making the most out of your budget. Consider these six questions when making your MFP choice:

1. How can we utilize all the capabilities of a MFP when away from the office?

With work conducted across locations and on a wide variety of devices, mobile accessibility is a necessity for your MFP. Many multi-functional printers that support mobile printing may also offer the ability for businesses to allow employees to BYOD (Bring Your Own Device). Consider the type of connectivity and level of accessibility your business will require when using mobile devices.

2. Can my confidential documents truly be protected when printed or scanned on a MFP?

Security across your devices and network is imperative regardless of your business type or size. Some industries, such as the healthcare or legal fields, are required by law to secure printed, copied or scanned documents. Other businesses want to protect their proprietary information. Choose the MFP that allows password protections and can overwrite the information on a hard drive.

3. Our printing needs fluctuate and are hard to track. How can I be certain a new MFP will perform reliably?

Evaluate your printing patterns to be sure your new MFP has the output quality you need. For example, does your business need high-quality color prints or mostly black and white copies? Do you print high volumes? Make sure the MFP you choose has been tested to meet the standards you need.

4. Our scanned documents are always so hard to find. How can a new multi-functional printer help resolve this issue?

Network scanning can waste a lot of time and energy when not managed properly. A new MFP should integrate seamlessly with third party software so that it can be saved appropriately and queried by everyone.

5. How can I keep printing and supply costs from sneaking up on our budget?

No one likes surprises when it comes to the bottom line. Printing will become a fixed cost of operation with a new MFP. Reliability in the cost per copy, including supply and maintenance costs, means your budget stays on track.

6. There is a lot to consider when selecting a new MFP. How can I be sure that I'm making the best choice?

A thorough evaluation of your print workflow by an expert office technology provider is the best way to make sure your business needs are met. For the City of Royal Oak, Mr. Kirby worked with University Office Technologies out of Ann Arbor to find their best solution. Renting their new MFP devices ended up being a great option for the city. It also includes a flexible plan allowing upgrades or additions at any time and regular tracking of costs and print usage by device and department.

Evaluate your office document system and find the best MFP solution for your SE Michigan business. Email or call Dan Heimler, Sales Director at University Office Technologies, at (734) 434-5900.

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