Solutions and Services to Aid Remote Work

March 8th, 2021 by admin

A man working remotely while talking on the phone in front of a computer

With remote work becoming more common for businesses, having the tools to work effectively from home is crucial. The pandemic showed that being able to switch to remote work quickly is something that companies need, and having this ability was again highlighted with the severe cold weather that impacted much of the country a few weeks ago. Whether it is communication and collaboration tools, cybersecurity, or printers, UTEC has your business needs covered.

Microsoft Office 365

One way we can help your business be prepared for quickly moving to remote work is by implementing Microsoft Office 365. Office 365 allows your employees to communicate and collaborate effectively and provides a secure environment in which to do so. Other benefits of Office 365 are:

  • Access files from anywhere. Since the documents and files are stored in the cloud, you and your employees can easily access the files, whether they are working from home or in the office.
  • Business continuity. Since the files and documents are stored in the cloud, your business can always access them. So if inclement weather causes issues with getting to the office or a pandemic prevents you from entering the office, you and your employees can work remotely and still be as productive and efficient as you were in the office.
  • Improved communication and collaboration. Your employees will be able to edit documents in real-time, which allows them to collaborate regardless of their location. Another benefit is that you can share calendars, which makes it easier to schedule meetings. With some employees working remotely while others are in the office, this feature will allow your business to coordinate much more effectively.


Another way we are helping remote employees be productive is by offering new desktop printers. These printers are small enough to fit on a desk and also have business-level security features. The MX-B427W MFP and MX-B427PW printers offer output speeds up to 42 pages per minute (ppm), and the MX-B467F MFP and MX-B467P printers offer output speeds of up to 46 ppm. These printers are perfect for home environments and provide robust cybersecurity that will keep your business safe.


With cybercrime continuing to grow, your business needs to be protected. Cybersecurity has become even more critical now that employees are working from home. There are new problems presented with employees connecting to the network from outside of the office, but our network security solutions will ensure that your business is protected. We will manage your business antivirus, which will ensure you are protected from the latest threats.

Whether your business needs communication and collaboration tools, printers, or cybersecurity, UTEC has you covered. Contact us today to learn how we can help your business be prepared for any situation.

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