Still on Windows7? The Time Has Come to Upgrade!

June 23rd, 2019 by admin

Windows 7 has been a significant PC operating system for almost ten years. It became available in October 2009 and was the successor to Windows Vista. Critics heaped great praise for its overall improvement with much better performance and a more intuitive interface than Vista. In fact, over 100 million copies were sold worldwide in the first six months it was available!

Per Wikipedia, over 33% of all computers running Windows are still using Windows 7 as their operating system. In fact, 50% of Small to Mid Size businesses are still using Windows 7 today.

However, with the Microsoft announcement stating their upcoming end to support on January 14, 2020, it is time to take a hard look at upgrading to Windows 10.

This announcement states that Microsoft will end issuing security patches making this matter critical for your business and sensitive data.

This is where the UTEC IT team led by IT Support Manager Steve Panoff can come in and offer professional support and guidance to help you navigate to Windows 10.

With current UTEC clients, the process is already underway to scan client networks to determine if current hardware can support the new operating system and their software applications. Once the list has been completed, there will be a recommendation to proceed with the current hardware or a discussion on upgrading the workstation if necessary. The process for UTEC prospects is very similar:

  1. Complete software inventory, which will be used to identity custom in-house, or proprietary software as well as compatibility with off the shelf software that has been purchased and utilized.
  2. A thorough review of hardware to determine if your PC’s have the horsepower to efficiently run Windows 10. This would include reviewing current RAM (and if it can be expanded) as well as the hard drive, computer chip, etc. While your current PC may be able to marginally run Windows 10, it may be time to consider an upgrade to new desktops and laptops.

Steve Panoff described the client prospect scan as "being similar to an X-Ray. We are able to obtain the hardware and software information and absolutely no data is shared."

There are several significant reasons UTEC clients and prospects must plan on making the upgrade to Windows 10. Of course, the most significant reason is the Microsoft security patch update support that will thwart hackers. There will also be productivity and reliability gains in place if new hardware is purchased and installed.

The UTEC IT team utilizes network assessment software for client and prospects to have their network hardware scanned. This gives the prospect a technology road map to replace or upgrade their equipment.

For further information on scheduling a network scan for your company and discussing what options are available, please contact Steve Panoff at 734-234-5886 or by email at

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