Three Immediate Benefits When You Implement Cloud Computing

December 27th, 2016 by admin shares a recent survey by Frost & Sullivan, showing that companies investing in collaboration technologies increased productivity by as much as 400%.

Forecasting consumes many work discussions this time of year, with plans to optimize office productivity likely high on the list. There are countless ways to motivate employees – bonuses, parties, trips, engaging workspaces, etc. An arguably more practical approach, with long-term implications, is to give employees the proper tools to make their job easier. Cloud computing is a proven system that allows your team to focus on the most important aspects of their job.

From your sales team to administrative staff to IT support crew; the impact of working in the cloud is immediate. While cloud computing is often discussed in conjunction with data security, it also streamlines processes and allows for a flexible workplace that benefits everyone. Once your team acclimates to the user-friendly system, three key improvements will be evident immediately.

Satisfied Customers Mean Repeat Customers

Cloud computing can completely change the dynamic of your customer service protocol. Customer service is directly linked to customer engagement and loyalty. Forbes shared a landmark study published in Harvard Business Review, asserting that a 5% increase in customer loyalty can increase profits from 25% to 85%.

If your customers would rather Google to resolve an issue rather than call your customer service line or if they are receive emails from you that aren't directly relevant to them, then shifting to a cloud-based computing system should be your next step.

When you work in the cloud, response time is faster because information is always accessible. Data isn't stored on a locked personal computer. Automated back-ups keep information safe without recovery becoming an issue. Real time, remote access to files allows customer input or changes to orders or presentations immediately. Time saved is money saved, and it's even better when your customers view you as easy to work with and technologically current.

A Connected Team is a Successful Team

There are few of us who haven't experienced the frustration of constant back-and-forth emails when working on a project. Important changes inevitably get lost in the shuffle, time is wasted with each person's edits, and security is compromised. shares a recent survey by Frost & Sullivan, showing that companies investing in collaboration technologies increased productivity by as much as 400%. Cloud computing streamlines the entire process. Multiple contributors can access files simultaneously and changes can be made anywhere — at the client, on a plane, at home. Working in the cloud eliminates the hurdles that accompany insecure systems or working across office locations.

The Chaos is Controlled

The flexibility of cloud systems makes the management of big data and extensive files easier. There's no such thing as "running out of storage space" or needing to "clean out files" when you work in the cloud. Cloud services provide tools to sort through unstructured data quickly and easily. The cloud is always available, with service providers maintaining constant connectivity. Data is accessible from any device at any time, as long as there is an internet connection. Your staff saves time, which saves your business money.

One of the best parts of cloud computing is relatively quick and easy ramp-up time. Most systems have a familiar or intuitive interface that is easy to learn. Nearly all offer online training modules with continuous updates. After evaluating your business needs, your IT service partner will offer a personalized system recommendation. You should expect them to assist with any and all training and implementation processes. Transitioning to a cloud-based system is relatively seamless given how dramatically your productivity and ROI will improve.

Include cloud-based computing in your 2017 plan for improved productivity. Contact Dan Heimler, Sales Director at UTEC or call (734) 434-5900 to schedule a consultation for your SE Michigan business.

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