Three Key Reasons to Adopt Multifunctional Devices in Your Office

April 12th, 2016 by admin

There's a familiar pattern we all follow at some point, in some area, of our lives. You hold on to what's in your comfort zone and avoid change. Granted, it can be a fine line to know when to adopt a new direction or maintain the status quo. This is true in your personal life, and sometimes, even more applicable in business.

Regardless of your industry, chances are it is moving faster than ever, making it imperative to stay several steps ahead of the curve. With constant decisions about updating and upgrading, it is often the daily workflow processes and equipment that are overlooked. You may not seriously consider a change in that area until there is an emergency.

Jennie Bach, an assistant manager with Ann Arbor, Michigan townhouse facility Forest Hills Cooperative, described it best when her department realized that a new printer was necessary.

"The machine we are replacing has been around long enough to have been given a name, ‘Betsy.' We were all quite apprehensive about replacing Betsy, as it seemed to us, to be a daunting task."

With the right office technology partner, replacing your printer definitely does not have to be a daunting task. Printers have come a long way since Betsy's glory days. Here are three crucial reasons that it's time to swap your own "Betsy" with a new multi-functional printer (MFP):

1. Increased productivity

Multi-functional printers combine the capabilities of four devices into one – printer, copier, scanner and fax machine. Every machine in your office requires additional networking, software, supplies and overall support. When those functions are consolidated, productivity and efficiency increase while long-term maintenance costs decrease.

With so much business conducted on the go, it is inconvenient and inefficient to require re-connecting back at the office in order to print or scan. Multifunctional printers scan and print files direct from mobile devices, saving time and frustration for you, your team and your customers.

Additionally, multifunctional printers are intuitive to use and handle a much wider variety of paper than previous models. This all boils down to increased versatility in your daily workflow.

2. Secured network

December's issue of SE Michigan Start-up highlighted a critical, yet often overlooked, issue for small businesses: cyber-security. This article dismisses the idea that only big businesses, like Target and Home Depot, are at risk of being compromised. Hackers know that smaller organizations often don't have the initial security in place or the resources to prosecute when breeched.

Printers are a vulnerable connection in this process because they are networked to your system. When confidential documents are printed without password protections, security is compromised and data could be exposed.

Multifunctional printers preserve and secure your intellectual property and information. They are designed to meet and exceed both government and industry expectations to maintain confidentiality.

3. Minimized environmental footprint

The Ann Arbor business community has been a long-standing leader in best eco-friendly practices. The area boasts several vibrant business districts that thrive while still reflecting the social conscious of its residents.

Multifunctional printers reinforce that commitment by consuming less power than older devices. There is less heat, less noise, and less money spent when energy is conserved. Additionally, using the two-sided printing function reduces paper consumption and only one set of supplies is stocked because multiple devices have been combined into one.

As you forecast your business and anticipate future needs, investing in a multifunctional printer will prove to have an immediate and lasting impact. Although it may have been difficult for the Forest Hills Cooperative team to bid farewell to their "Betsy," Ms. Bach acknowledges, "We are confident our new machine will far exceed our expectations!"

If your SE Michigan business is ready to adopt positive and productive change in your daily workflow, email or call Dan Heimler, Sales Director at University Office Technologies, at (734) 434-5900.

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